Identify top candidates in minutes.

Reduce time-to-hire and improve quality-of-hire by rating candidates for jobs and gaining valuable insights with a speed and accuracy you’ve never seen before.

Faster hires. Less work.

Sort by fit rating to quickly identify top candidates for your job openings.
Valuable insights including summary, strengths & weaknesses, and commute.
Interview like a subject matter expert with detailed, candidate specific questions.
Easily share custom branded, detailed talent briefings with stakeholders.
AI evaluation of candidates in any ATS and view the results.

Supercharge your current ATS with FoveaAI.

FoveaAI works with nearly any ATS. View valuable FoveaAI candidate insight conveniently in your current system. No need to change your workflow or technology. Get started immediately without any complicated APIs or ATS plugins.

Instantly Identify Top Candidates

FoveaAI’s custom designed screening algorithm brings you next generation technology to evaluate each candidate’s fit for your job opening with a reliable, yet simple 0 to 100 score.

Quickly Review Evaluations

Get a deep understanding of a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses for your job opening in seconds. Fit briefings point out how a candidate does and does not match your job opening.

Ask Expert Interview

Insightfully interview candidates regardless of your knowledge of the job. Suggested questions are written for each candidate based on their individual strengths and weaknesses.

Easily Share Candidate Recommendations

Quickly share candidate summary, background, strengths, and weaknesses in just one click with attractive and informative PDF reports for easy distribution to stakeholders.

Better candidates in 3 simple steps.

1. Add FoveaAI to your ATS or upload bulk resumes.

Use the FoveaAI extension or easily add candidate resumes in Word, PDF, plain, or rich text formats to evaluate your candidate pool for your job opening.

2. Evaluate candidates with just one click.

Reliably and automatically evaluate dozens, or even hundreds, of candidates instead of spending hours or days performing tedious, manual evaluation.

3. Identify top rated candidates for your job.

Sort candidates by rating, review candidate-to-job fit graphs, review strengths and weaknesses and ask expert level interview questions specific to the candidate and job.

Connect with top talent instead of reviewing resumes.

Recruiting and hiring is a contact sport. Success is found by focusing on human connections and establishing strong relationships.

Recruiters and hiring managers spend way too much time staring at a screen reviewing resumes and determining whom to pursue. Identify the best candidates in minutes instead of days. Use your time making relationships, not reading endless resumes, to fill your open roles faster and more effectively.

“We built FoveaAI with the goal to be the most accurate, advanced, and simple to use AI talent platform in the world… period.”

Jeff Sassinsky, Founder

Choose Your Workflow


Evaluate candidate resumes and review results using an easy and attractive web interface to quickly identify the best candidates for your job.


Use FoveaAI in your ATS with the FoveaAI extension to add robust AI tools and reliable candidate evaluation without changing talent platforms.


Add reliable, AI candidate evaluation to your talent acquisition service using our API. Take your platform to the next level and better serve your users.

Better evaluations.
Faster hires.